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Automatic Nucleic Acid Mass Spectrometry Detection System
NucMass 2000
NucMass 2000 is a nucleic acid mass spectrometry detection system independently developed by Guangzhou Hexin Kangyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Hexin Instrument) based on MALDI-TOF MS and multiplex PCR technology. Its basic principle is to detect the sequence information of the target samples by comparing the signal intensity and signal quality of AGTC bases in accordance with the differences of gene sequences of the target items.
Features and advantages

  • 01High resolution
    ncreased by more than 20% compared with similar products on the market, available for simultaneous detection of multiplex loci
  • 02High sensitivity
    The lower detection limit down to 100 copies/ml
  • 03Low cost
    Uniform reaction conditions and universal reagent, requiring no fluorescent labeling
  • 04High accuracy
    Mass accuracy increased by 50% compared with that of similar products, with higher type judgment accuracy
  • 05High throughput
    Up to 700 samples detectable in 8h
  • 06Easy operation
    Hole location layout, sample acquisition and typing analysis completed in one software
Application case
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