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Thermally Assisted Ionization of Plasma Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
The Thermally Assisted Ionization of Plasma Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer TAPI-TOF 1000 is independently developed by Guangzhou Hexin Instrument Co., Ltd., which has full independent intellectual property rights.

TAPI-TOF 1000 is a mass spectrometer specially for rapid screening of pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, which integrates many keytechnologies such as automatic sample injection system, thermally assisted plasma ionization source, high-efficiency ion transmission device, high-resolutiontime-of-flight mass analyzer, high-speed data collector and detector, and has built-in professional pesticide residues spectrum library.
Features and advantages

  • 01Strong Quantitative Ability
    Machining and assembling of high-precision triple quadrupole
  • 02High efficiency ion source
    New stable ESI and APCI ion source
  • 03
    Capable of the query, download and search of uploaded report documents
  • 04
    Able to be externally connected to wired or wireless networks, printers, code scanners, and display screens, etc
  • 05
    The electronic control system of the whole machine is highly integrated, convenient in maintenance and improved in stability
  • 06
    Capable of direct output of qualitative and quantitative reports to directly determine whether the pesticides in fruits and vegetables are out of limits
  • 07
    Capable of broad spectrum screening and detecting hundreds of pesticides at one time
  • 08
    Capable of high-throughput sample injection for detection, and detecting a single sample within 1min under batch processing conditions
  • 09
    Capable of directly analyzing liquid samples without complex sample pretreatment and pre-separation
Application field

Application case
  • Detection and analysis of pesticides in vegetables and fruits in the national food safety sampling inspection under GB2763-2019
  • The comprehensive spike detection rate was > 80% in the spike test of maximum residue limit (MRL) concentration of 20 types of vegetable; the comprehensive spike detection rate was>90% in the MRL spike test of the 25 kinds of fruit
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