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       Since Joseph J.Thomson invented mass spectrometer, this technique that directly measure the atomic or molecular weight of the substance, has been developed for a whole century along with the development of the mass analyzer, ion source, coupling technique and analytical methods. Now it has become one of the most important basic research tool for modern science. The mass spectrometry has almost infiltrated into every area of analytical testing, becoming an important analytical tool in the field of life sciences, medicine, environment, food, agriculture, materials and petrochemicals. It is also the most sophisticated instrumental analysis method and plays an irreplaceable role in nuclear industry, aerospace, military defense and other fields.The R & D and manufacturing of mass spectrometer involves the latest achievements of multiple disciplines such as physics, chemistry, vacuum, precision machinery, precision electronics, new materials, automation, software, etc. So it epitomizes the sophisticated technology, and is also considered as an important symbol for a country's science and technology development level.The high-end MS market in our country is heavily dependent on imports, and these imports have increased exponentially. There exists a large gap between our country and advanced world standard with regard to the research and development, and manufacturing of mass spectrometer. So our priority is to develop an MS industry with the capacity of independent innovation and sustainable development.As a Chinese MS company of the new generation committed to the independent innovation, R&D and manufacturing of mass spectrometer, Hexin has gone through a difficult yet significant road. With the company recognized as innovational company and national key high-tech enterprise by "Thousand Talent Program ", as well as the initiation of National Major Scientific Equipment Development Project, Hexin, togerther with China's MS industry, have faced an unprecedented development opportunity. Guided by the motto of "make China's own mass spectrometer", Hexin will continue to develop the spirit of hard work and perseverance, and determine to build a model domestic enterprise for mass spectrometer production