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About Hexin


Founded in 2004, Hexin is a key high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, manufacturing, sale and technical services of mass spectrometer. The company has also been elected to National Torch Plan and "Thousand Talents Program".


Through years of efforts, We have mastered the manufacturing technologies of the vertically introduced high resolution TOF-MS, electrospray ionization, electron impact ion source, vacuum ultraviolet photoionization source, atmospheric pressure matrix-assisted laser desorption ion source, atmospheric pressure differential vacuum interface, film sampling injection system and MS-dedicated high-speed data acquisition card. We have also mastered the core technology of mass spectrometer and the whole assembly process of TOF-MS with independent intellectual property rights; Our company is the first in China to achieve the positive independent development of mass spectrometer. Passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. The research and development of the product is supported by national "863" program, National Major Scientific Equipment Development Project, National Torch Program as well as a number of provincial and municipal key scientific and technological projects.

Hexin has provided the environmental monitoring, meteorology, industrial production, medicine and other fields with commercialized mass spectrometer and relevant technical services, including MS monitoring system for PM2.5online source analysis, MS system for online source identification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), online monitoring system for water volatile organic compounds (VOCs), portable digital linear ion trap mass spectrometer. We also provide customized products for national defense, nuclear industry and other strategic sectors. Hexin will adhere to the spirit of "perseverance" and increase the research investment and the efforts to introduce high-end talent, thereby making greater contribution to the development of China's high-end mass spectrometry.