Environmental Monitoring

Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Extinction Spectrometer

Real-Time Online High Sensitivity Atmospheric Aerosol Extinction Research

Superior Instrumental Performances

  • Real-Time Measurement of Aerosol Extinction Coefficient
  • High Sensitivity of Extinction Coefficient up to 10-7 m-1
  • Real-Time Online Accurate Measurement of Visibility
  • Measurement of Fresh Air and Polluted Air


Atmospheric Aerosol Optical Extinction Spectrometer XG 1000

XG 1000 is a high-end analytical instrument jointly developed by Hexin Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. and Fudan University. XG 1000 has high sensitivity, stability and accuracy and allows the direct measurement of extinction coefficient and visibility of in-door and environmental aerosols. This instrument has widespread application prospects in the research of reducing the uncertainty of aerosols in climate forcing, as well as visibility measurements, climate changes, aerosol radiative forcing, environmental monitoring, meteorology, and satellite remote sensing.



  • Uncertainty of Aerosol Climate Forcing
  • Visibility Measurement Aerosol Radiative Forcing
  • Atmospheric Environment Monitoring
  • Meteorology
  • Satellite Remote Sensing