Environmental Monitoring

Online Volatile Oragnic Compound(VOC) Soure Identification Mass Specctrometry System

Online VOC Pollution Source Identification Expert

  • Online Monitoring of Organized/Unorganized Industrial VOC Emissions
  • Online Identification of Pollution Sources
  • Emergency Environmental Monitoring
  • Research on Volatile and Semi-Volatile Pollutants
  • Monitoring of Vehicle Exhaust Emissions
  • Detection of Waste Incineration and Gas Emissions from Percolate
  • Online Monitoring of Industrial Disposal of Polluted Water and Exhaust Gas
  • Detection of Indoor Air Quality
  • Online Monitoring of Gas Components of Cigarette Smoke
  • Detection of Gas Emission from Commodities


Online Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Source Identification Mass Spectrometry System SPIMS 1000

The SPIMS 1000 is an online mass spectrometric analysis instrument developed by Hexin Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. with completely independent intellectual property rights. This instrument integrates multiple key technologies, such as membrane enrichment, photo ionization, time-of-flight mass spectrometry, high-speed data acquisition system, and high frequency high voltage power supply, possessing the characteristics of real-time, rapid and online analysis. The qualitative and quantitative detection of VOCs can be carried out, resulted in saving of the time, which are used for sampling collection, storage, transportation and related processes in traditional offline methods.


Instrument Features

  • The membrane inlet interface enables VOC enrichment.
  • Soft ionization is based on vacuum ultraviolet (UV) single photon ionization, which produces molecular ions and results in easy spectral interpretation.
  • Real-time detection technique enables the rapid quantification and quantitation of VOCs without sampling loss, and the speed of response is within seconds
  • The instrument is characteristic of full spectral analysis, powerful data acquisition, hourly storage of 1GB valid information, excellent mechanical and electrical stability for field monitoring.
  • On-site maintenance service is available within 72 hours for customers in China.
  • Over 85% parts are made in China.